Child Labor in Pakistan



Children are the flowers of heaven. They are the most beautiful and purest creation of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. They are innocent both internally and externally. No doubt, they are the beauty of this universe. Moreover, they innocent too.

What is Child Labor?

The International Labor Organization (ILO) defines child Labor as:
“When a child start working during his\her early age due to the mentally, socially, and materialistic pressure on a very LOW pay is called child labor.”
On the other hand, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) defines “child” as anyone below the age of 18, and describe “child Labor” as some type of work performed by children below the age of 18.

  • Basically child labor is one of a social problem which is an important and a serious global issue through which all countries of the world are directly or indirectly affected, but, it is very common in Latin America, Africa and Asia. According to study, in several Asian countries’ 1/10 manpower consists of child Labor.
  • This international problem is becoming intense with every passing day because a large number of children are forced to do work which is completely against the law.
  • According to United Nations International Children Emergency Funds (UNICEF) there are approximately 158 million children of age 5 to 15 working as child LABOR worldwide.
  • Like most of the other countries Child labor is a major social problem of Pakistan from the beginning and presenting negative effects till now and today child LABOR in Pakistan is the most prominent issue.
  • Pakistan is amongst the top TEN countries having the issue of child labor.
  • Children of age between 5 and 15 in Pakistan are above 40 million and 50% of these economically active children are in age group of 5 to 9 years.
  • According to survey 2.7 million children are working in the agriculture sector. Among them 73% are boys and the rest are girls.



Causes of Child Labor:

The Different Ways and Reasons Pakistani Children Get into Child LABOR are following.


Poverty is the basic reason and driving force that force these children to work like labors and earn a little money at the end of the day. The bad financial condition up-thrust to the problem of child labor.


Another important reason is unemployment which forces the parents to send their children to work places. Due to unemployment it’s become must for parents to make their children to work in factories, shops, even selling items on streets.

Growing population:

In villages there is trend of early marriages and have large number of children. To fulfill the basic needs they compel their children to do work. So! They have no other choice but to work and earn a little amount to support their families.

Tradition Of Making Children Learn The Family Skills:

Children are force to follow the foot prints of their parents. They are trained from their childhood in the profession that the family has been following since ages. So they are unable to get primary education.

Parental illiteracy:

Many developing countries like Pakistan, facing a huge problem of illiteracy. Lower class people are mostly illiterate, so it is difficult for uneducated parents to understand the importance of education for their children.

Failure Of Laws:

Another main reason for the promotion of child labor is due to the failure of government in practicing the laws to stop child labor due to which child labor is increasing day by day.

Effects of Child Labor:

There are many bad effects of child LABOUR on our society some of them are as follow:

  • Child LABOUR deprives a child from the basic right of education.
  • Child labor forces some children to steal things from others in order to satisfy their daily living.
  • High rates of injuries in the field while working with knives, sharp tools, and other heavy equipment. An estimated one lac children suffer from agriculture-related injuries in Pakistan annually.
  • Children suffer from the Muscular defects and respiratory infections from the fibers and chemicals while work in the carpet manufacturing which is the most popular export from Pakistan.
  • In one automobile workshop of 150 working children, 120 of them worked from 8 to 10 hours without any safety measures due to which red cells were transmuted. This has a huge effect on a child’s mental development.
    Efforts to stop Child Labor:
  • On 12 June, people around the world join hands to mark the World Day against Child Labor to raise awareness and contribute to ending child labor.
  • The government of Pakistan gave free books to primary schools so parents with limited budgets are now able to send their children to schools.
  • Many International organizations like in under developing countries are also working with in the villages of Pakistan to promote education only for the purpose to stop Child Labor in Pakistan.


  • Awareness must be raised and parents should pay attention to the education of their children.
  • Child LABOUR Laws should be strictly put into practice, and then our country can easily get rid of this problem.
  • We should distribute the education free of cost, give flame to the candle of education and distribute the light of knowledge among the people.


  • Child labors are working not the choice of their own. They are the victims of their circumstances and we are taking benefit of their compulsions.
  • These children are working as a LABOR in school going age for the survival of their families and to full fill the basic needs.
  • Government should provide the basic rights to these children and should also focus on this matter in this way our country can get rid of this social evil.

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