A brief introduction of Project Proposal

A brief Introduction to project proposal

What Is a Project Proposal?

A project proposal, often called a “Statement of Work,” is a persuasive document. Its objectives are to
1. Identify what work is to be done.
2. Explain why this work needs to be done.
3. Persuade the reader that the proposers (you) are qualified for the work, have a plausible management plan and technical approach, and have the resources needed to complete the task within the stated time and cost constraints.

What is the format of project proposal ?

Writing a good proposal is a very important tool for organizing time and resources to complete a project which fully realizes your objectives. The following is a sample outline for a project proposal. Note that all questions for a section may not apply to every proposal, and should be used as a general guide only.

1. Introduction:(1 or 2 paragraphs)

  • Motivation Sentence
  • Summarize the problem (1 or 2 sentences)
  • Summarize the solution (1 or 2 sentences)
  • Describe format of rest of proposal (sections, etc.)

2. Motivation: (1 to 3 paragraphs)

  • What is the history of the problem?
  • Why is this problem interesting?
  • When and why does the problem occur?
  • Is the problem already solved? What is done now?
  • Are there any similar systems or solutions to the one you propose? If so, reference and very briefly explain them.
  • Are there are possible improvements to current solutions?

3. Project Summary:(1 paragraph)

  • What in general will this project achieve? (Do not delve into details or timelines.)

4. Project Details:

  • Architecture and Environment (2-3 paragraphs + figures)
  • Describe the project environment (software, hardware, languages, organizations, etc.)
  • Diagrams and figures are useful here if appropriate.
  • What software, hardware, or tools will you use?
  • Implementation Issues and Challenges (2-3 paragraphs)
  • What will be the most difficult issues and challenges in the implementation?
  • How are you using or extending current tools/systems for your problem?
  • What makes your project unique?
  • Deliverables (3-5 paragraphs – point-form may be used for some of the description)
  • What will the project produce? (program, report, etc.)
  • Describe in relative detail the features of each of the project’s products.
  • You may wish to separate deliverables into phases and indicate optional components given time.
  • Emphasize what your project contributes or achieves!
  • Timeline (1 paragraph – point-form is suitable)
  • Provide an estimated timeline of project deliverables and important dates.

5. Conclusion:(1 paragraph)

  • Summarize the project including the problem, motivation, and proposed solution, and re-state important (planned) contributions.

6. References:

List references used to compile proposal and references that will be used for project (if already known).

Important parts of project proposal
A project proposal should have following sections which are very important to write a good project proposal.

Title Page:

  • Title of project in initial capital letters.
  • The sponsoring company and contact person’s name and information.
  • Team name and individual member names.
  • Date.
  • An appropriate picture of the product, a team logo, or both.

Executive Summary :

  • Content: A brief summary of the proposal.
  • Length: one-third to one-half page, never more than one page.
  • Emphasis: highlighting of the proposed technical and management approach.

Research Methodology:

  • Every project must state a research question.
  • The research question and title are the two are the required elements of all proposals.
  • It is writer responsibility that proposal is clear about what is being proposed with whom, where and when.

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