A sample Memo written by Myself

A picture of memo writting

Date: August 08, 2014.

To: Technology Services Staff.

From: Muhammad Adil Rehman, Assistant Director of IT & Evaluation.

CC: Distribution.


Respected staff members!
Our project is about Installing and deploying software new to the agency, in which our objective is to develop and introduce our software with all members of our company.
According to previous records of all of you, you have done a great job in this field this is the key reason I am hiring you people. Therefore, I also expect you will try to do your level best in this project too. In this project we have only 6 month to achieve our target. We will start this project from May 5, and will show our 40% of work after two months. So! Focus on your target individually make it your purpose in this time period. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Adil Rehman.

1.Bilal Ajmal

2.Tayyab Sardar

3.Sohaib Aslam

4.Tamoor Anwer

5.Anus Aslam.


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