Reading Techniques

 Man Reading Book and Sitting on Bookshelf in Library


Reading is the process of obtaining information from the written text. Reading is very important for us to increase our knowledge, to develop our concepts, to gain grip on the language skills . So! it is very important for us to become a good reader to increase our information and experience about the things .Moreover the purpose of reading is our mental development to understand different ideas.

Styles of Reading :

There are many styles of reading which are different  from each other because every style of reading is adopted for different purpose . Good readers not use only one style for reading , they  learn to read  many styles  according to their purpose of reading .Among all styles the most common styles of reading are following three styles .

  •  Skimming.
  •  Scanning.
  •  SQ3R.

These all styles of reading are used for some specific purpose .We use them according to our need . Now! We will explain all these techniques one by one in details.


It is a technique of reading in which we just read the text to get the main idea of the text. In skimming we  quickly Come to know that what the writer  want to tell us through this text .Skimming can be done three or four times quickly than the normal reading .Among all the main benefit of skimming is that we can get the main idea of text in short time through this technique.

For skimming people use different methods just like  some of us move our eyes rapidly through the text only for getting the main idea of the text. Similarly some readers in order to get the main idea just read out the headings and sub headings of the text. Some people just read out the first and last paragraph of the text. So! we conclude that skimming is use only for getting specific information not for comprehension.


  • When we read out newspaper we do not read it word by word. We just read the headings and get the main idea what is happening in the country.
  • When we want to that this article is interesting or not, we read that article through this technique.


Scanning is technique which is use to find out the some specific information from the large material. With the help of scanning we can search out the key word quickly. Scanning is also used to find a resource to find out whether it will answer your question or not.  It is main technique to find out the name or mobile number of a person from the telephone book. It is also used to find out the desire word from the dictionary. Scanning is a technique which save our a lot of time. Most important thing is that we need concentration in order to this technique of reading.

The steps include doing scanning are:

  1. Search for key words.
  2. Move quickly over the page.
  3. Less reading and more searching.


  • When you want to search out the number of a person from the telephone book all you have to do is just search the first alphabet of his name in the book then second after that third finally you will get the phone number and name of that person.
  • when you what to get information from a book you just go through the table of contact and go to the concern page to get information you want instead of reading a whole book.


Among all SQ3R is the best technique of reading. It is a technique used by a student generally at school or college level. Actually SQ3R is the technique of studying not of reading. The keys to learning are organization and repetition which include in the SQ3RS method.

The SQ3R is abbreviation and the full meaning of SQ3R is following :

S for survey

Q for question

R1 for read

R2 for recites or re-call

R3 for review

Survey :

Survey is the first step of this method. We do survey of the chapter before start reading of the chapter. We use to read the headings and summary of the  chapter.


While surveying the text some question arises in your mind which makes you curious about the material. Note them in order to find out their answers while studying the chapter.


Reading is done in order to understand the topics of the chapter we are reading.


After reading each section, make an effort to recall the main point but most of the student skip it yet it is very critical to recite.


After the entire chapter  have been read and recite, an overall review of the chapter is needed.


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