Causes of poor listening


listening carefully to a person


Listening is the act of hearing. In other words we can say that listening is the activity through which we communicate with other people, to receive messages. In our daily life we listen more than we speak. So!  listening  is very important for us to understand what is said by speaker. However it is difficult to listen everyone attentively all the time because it requires a lot of  practice.

Listening skill:

Listening is the underdeveloped skill. Among all the skills listening skill is the most important because we spend most of our time on it as compare to other skills.

It is defined as

                             “More than just hearing and to understand the meaning of a conversation.”

It is the most quick way to increase knowledge and learn about things in less time. Our beloved God provides us two ears as compare to one mouth which symbolically explain the importance of listening as double that of speaking. Most amazing things about listening is that we gain nothing when we talk but we always get some thing when we listen. Good listening skill makes a person successful  in his professional life as well as in the society. An attentive listener makes the complete meaning of what the speaker is communicating. Listening with concentration help us to understand the concepts, to find the solution of a problems which we face in our life and also give confidence to make planning for future. Moreover, it is listening through which we can gather a wide range of information.

 Causes of poor listening:

Hearing and listening are two different activities, Hearing is just taking the information in the ears while listening is understanding that information. There are so many reasons of poor listening because of which we fail to understand the words of speaker as well as to solve any kind of problem. All these causes are because of lack of awareness that listening is important. Here we will try to cover all those points one by one.

  •  Lack of awareness:

No doubt listening is the skill we use most for communication but it is also the skill in which we have least training. As compare to it we have much training in reading , writing and speaking skills. It is very easy to find out training for all others skills but difficult for listening skill.

  •  Listening is hard work:

Listening seems to much easy but it is not a easy job. It is very difficult to listen someone with concentration all the time. If we listen to a speaker for long period of time we will found our self tired physically as well as mentally and loss our focus.

  •  Lack of Interest:

If the listener have no interest in the topic on which speaker is talking or he is not interested in the speaker than he can not listen. In other words he just hear  the words not understand.

  •  Lack of vocabulary:

Lack of vocabulary is also one of the reason of poor listening skill. If a person does not have good hold on language or poor vocabulary of the speaker he will unable to understand the meaning of speaker words.

  • Bad listening habits:

Most of the people do not understand the points of speaker because of bad listening habits. Some of which I have described here.

  1. Most of the people while listening to the speaker have FAKE ATTENTION, they are there physically but mentally they are some where else.
  2. TALKING or CREATING DISTURBANCE during listening to someone is also a bad habit of some of us. For example  whispering.
  3. PLANING with things (pen , mobile etc) while listening to the speaker divert our concentration  from the speaker.
  4.  Too many of us listen only for facts and miss the idea of the speaker which he is trying to make and we loss the primary points of the speaker.




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